The History of the Lions Club

Nov 20, 2018 - 7:00 pm

Presented By:
Mike Myers
Former two-term president of the Elizabethtown Lions

How many of us know exactly what the world’s largest service organization does, when did it start and where? Please join us in November when Mike Myers will answer those questions and many more as he presents the History of the Lion’s Club in Elizabethtown. The Lion’s Club with over 46,000 clubs and 1.4 million members fortunately has a very active branch in Elizabethtown. It has been an energetic club here for decades and as a result has made many contributions to Elizabethtown. What those many contributions have been will also be discussed during his presentation.
Mike has been an active member of the Elizabethtown Lions Club where he has served two terms as president. He is a retired mechanical engineer with 35 years of civilian service with both the Army and Navy.