About us

The Histroy of the Elizabethtown Historical Society

The Elizabethtown Historical Society maintains several steadfast goals including:

These goals were designed and developed when the founders of the Elizabethtown Historical Society met in Jack B. Horner’s attorney office during the late 1960s.

Today EHS strives to build on the vision of the charter members who started the organization: Kenneth E. Ebersole, Robert L. Hassinger, Anna Olweiler Needham, Clarance Enterline, Roy S. Heistand, Edward L. Crill, Lewis Bentzel, Robert G. Coble, Georgianna Forney, and Jack Horner.

EHS is located in the restored Peach Alley schoolhouse, on the corner South Poplar and West Park Streets in downtown Elizabethtown. The schoolhouse, museum, archives, and Anna Olweiler Needham Memorial assembly hall serve the community and the society in a multitude of ways.